Feb 062011

The Best Spinner

You could say that the Best Spinner is the best spinner. That is what many people who use this software are saying.
Before I continue, I want to inform you first that if you have a high volume of articles to rewrite and spin, I would recommend The Best Spinnerbecause I believe that this piece of software can handle this job flawlessly, due to its very powerful word, synonyms and phrases database. The end result of rewritten and spun article with this software is a very high quality article.

Having said that you must also know how to choose the right words, phrases or synonyms that are closest if not exact and relevant to the meaning of the whole sentence. There are so many words to choose from but you need to choose the best word or words, so you will produce the best quality article. No matter how big is the vocabulary if you happen to choose the less related words, then the result will be far from perfect. And you will say, “Wait a minute, this doesn’t sounds right.”

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The Best Spinner when used correctly will generate hundreds of high quality and unique versions of your articles. Check out the following best features:

  • Thesaurus that is constantly updated with thousands of new entries from users of the software.
  • Nested spinning is unlimited- many levels deep and different color coding up to 4 levels deep.
  • It can generate up to 250 spun articles at a time.
  • It displays a percentage of uniqueness so you can decide if your article is ready to spin.
  • You can save synonyms to favorite and you can use other people’s favorites.
  • Paragraph and full-sentence spinning.
  • A word-replacement function that enable you to rewrite at a faster speed.
  • You can export to any other spin format for compatibility with other systems.

The Best Spinner cost $7 for a 7 day trial and after that $77 per year. As I have said if you have a high volume of articles to spin and if you want a really high quality article, then this would be the best product to get.
Please proceed to the The Best Spinner here.

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