Feb 102011
Instant Article Factory

Instant Article Factory is another article writing software that will speed up your writing power, developed by Jonathan Leger.

Instant Article Factory is a writing tool that will help you write article faster by using templates and pre-written questions or fill in the blank phrases and sentences that serves as a writing guide. You will then answer the questions or fill in the blanks to form a paragraph out of it. There is also a built in spinner that you can use to make your words unique. I don’t want to sound it is super fast but for me maybe I can’t do 5 minutes to write, because I would still be thinking on what to say. Some people may type and think fast though, so I’m sure some people can write in 5 minutes or less using this software.

Here are the important features:
  • Built-in templates will make your writing project easier and faster.
  • built-in spinner will spin your newly written article into a new and different version.
  • Fully nested spinning when modifying the templates and in fill in the blank area.
  • User templates – you can use templates other users have created and shared in the system.
  • Built-in template builder to create a custom template.
  • Saves you money, you won’t be paying for article anymore or hiring writers.

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Instant Article Factory cost $7 for a 7 day trial. After 7 days you will be charge $77 per year. There is also a 30 day money back guaranty in case you are not satisfied with the purchase for any reason. If you think about it, the annual bill of $77 sums up to less than $7 per month and that is only equivalent to one article if you buy article. Some article costs $10 and if outsourced will cost about $5 per article. You can create hundreds of articles in one month if you want to, using the Instant Article Factory right? This is really good if you need many articles for your blogs and for article directory submission.

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