Feb 182011

The new affiliate program with all the benefits of residual income

This is an affiliate program that benefits both the affiliate marketer and merchants. This is an  extraordinary program where the customer referred by an affiliate can actually earn residual  income from the affiliates monthly residual earnings. If you are an affiliate and is looking for a  good residual income, this program might be the one you are looking for. If you are a merchant  who has a merchant account-credit card processing system, this program would be a great source  for a residual income for you.

Why Affiliates Should Join This Program:

  • New affiliate program that offers great residual income potential.
  • You have the opportunity to earn up to 17.5 % in monthly commissions plus $30 upfront bonus on hundreds or more customers in your network.
  • You can increase your monthly residual earnings by referring more affiliates who will do the same process.
  • The more you refer customers and other affiliates, the more you will earn upfront bonus and monthly commissions.

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Why Merchants Should Join This New Merchant Account/Credit Card Program:

  • The merchant or the customer will earn a 30% of his affiliates monthly residual earnings, or a 20% rebate check from the commission your own merchant account has generated. (Whichever is greater)
  • When you switch to MatchRatePlus — a) MatchRatePlus will match your current rate b) opportunity to receive check every month.
  • Your opportunity to earn more residual income as your affiliate who referred you expands his or her affiliate network.

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Feb 022011
Welcome To Affiliates Century Web

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