Mar 172011

Most of us new affiliate marketer are very excited after we signed up with a great affiliate program, or residual income opportunities with high commission, great products and all the tools to help us get started with the promotions. And we even start thinking of many things we need to do and of course think about the high commission that we can get from promoting these products only to find out later on that we¬†couldn’t make a sale. And when that happens most of us start losing hope and enthusiasm in affiliate marketing, one reason why there is only about 5 percent of affiliate marketers become really successful and others are striving hard to make a sale.

Here are four mistakes new affiliate marketers make:

  • Paying Too Much Attention To Hype? – Sometimes the affiliate program you join with or other programs have over promotional sales letter. The real product is not as shiny as the product described in the sales letter. But sometimes you get carried away with the powerful sales pitch and start to believe the great wonders that the product can do. You don’t have to believe in hype but you believe in yourself that you can be successful in the affiliate marketing business and be the better judge in choosing the right product to sell that you believe in. Start with a small goal like $25 earning per day until you achieve that goal and then aim for higher amount and so on.
  • No Business Plan? – You might say “what is business plan? I don’t know how to do it.” You’re not alone. If you’re not professional who can write a business plan, you can still make a business plan in your own way. It is just setting up goals and what you want to do, how much you can spend for your affiliate business promotions, time schedules, time management. In any business I think time is very important and you always have to make time for self education because everything becomes easier once you know the topic or the situation. There is so much information on the Internet today that if you do not focus on important things one at a time you will end up experiencing “information overload” as they called it, and this will stop you from accomplishing anything. Advertising and promoting your affiliate links or websites should be an important focus in your plans for how can you make a sale if nobody sees your affiliate links and website.
  • Dreaming of Instant Success No Hard work – Some of us new affiliates expect instant income and success without the hard work – Affiliate marketing is a very profitable Internet business but only if you put effort and hard work on your everyday projects. You need to learn all the techniques on how to drive traffic to your website or affiliate program. And again you need to continue educating yourself all about affiliate marketing online. Many of the things you discover aren’t even taught in school. It is also a good idea to learn more on technical stuff.


  • Some Quit Easily – Some new affiliate marketer quit easily when they can’t make the business succeed or when they couldn’t meet their high expectations. That’s why smaller goal is the way to start for new affiliate marketer, because if you have very high expectations and you can’t reach it you will start to lose hope and quit. Quitting seems the easiest way to do when everything doesn’t work out according to your plans. What about Plan B or Plan C? If some affiliate marketers are successful but you seem can’t make your affiliate marketing efforts work, it means you’re not doing it right. So instead of quitting, why not do Plan B, even Plan C and try to learn and study why the other affiliate marketers are so successful. For one thing it is hard work, but if you are working hard enough, there must be something else that you don’t know or are not doing right. It takes a certain amount of focus, determination, hard work and more knowledge to be successful. You can always try other residual income opportunities if you can’t make your current program work for you.
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