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Welcome to Affiliates Century Web!

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This website has been created to share with you affiliate marketing ideas and information. We promote, refer or sell some information products like digital products, automation software and many other products that we think can offer you a good information that is beneficial for your affiliate marketing business or other online business. We also review some of the products. Information and learning is a good investment. If we know and understand how things work in a certain business then we have a great chance for success. Knowledge is power. Nobody can steal knowledge from you once it is in your head. Aside from info products we also display selected special unique products here. We want to sell unique and good products. We will also list some affiliate programs that offers a residual income or passive income and other good affiliate programs and networks.

The information products that we sell or recommend here are 100% money back guarantee from 30 to 60 days guarantee. If you think the product isn’t what you were looking for or if you’re not happy with the product then you have a chance to return it and get your money back. For more information please check the terms that goes with the product before you purchase it. We refer product that we think is a good product through our research. Some of the products we reviewed are products that we acquired, but some were researched only. We cannot possibly buy all the products that we review but we can do some researched on products. So I hope that what we show here in this website will help you decide on what product you want to purchase. In the end you are always the best judge for whatever information and things you really need.


 If you are into article marketing to drive traffic to your website and you haven’t purchase any automation products that will turbo charge your marketing efforts then these products are highly recommend for you. Check them out.

  • AMR or Article Marketing Robot – article rewriter, spinner and submitter – great value for the money. This is what I have at the moment to help me with my article marketing. I say AMR is a great tool, I like it so much.
  • TBS or The Best Spinner is the best article rewriter and spinner that I know of, although it cost more because you will be charge annually. It has the largest thesaurus database. Many people prefer this as they have high volumes of articles. I like the software except that there is an annual billing so I decided to get the AMR instead.
  •  MAR or Magic Article Rewriter is also great rewriter and spinner, they are almost the same as The Best Spinner except that The Best Spinner seems to have more powerful database of vocabulary, more words because it draws words online from thousands of users who uses the software. But then Magic Article Rewriter is a one time payment and a lot cheaper than The Best Spinner, and it has more than 30,000 words in it’s database.

To tell you the truth these three software once made me crazy because I had a difficulty deciding what I would buy at that time. All three of them have their advantages over the other so, at first I couldn’t decide what to do. But I will tell you my decision was to buy Article Marketing Robot. The reason was it is very affordable, one time payment and a multi functional robot. It now cost $97. I choose it because it can do three things that I want it to do, rewrite, spin and submit. The Best Spinner is great but I realize I can’t afford the annual billing at the time so I decided to pass. The Best Spinner is a great tool especially if you have high volume of article to rewrite and spin. TBS is best because of it’s large word database. It cost $77 per year.

Magic Article Rewriter is also great rewriter and spinner and so much cheaper. There is a Magic Article Submitter that you can purchase together with Magic Article Rewriter and they are a great choice if you have a lesser budget. For more than 30,000 words in it’s database it is a very good buy for a low price of $47. Magic submitter is $55 and you can get a lot of bonus too. So I hope this will help you to decide what is best for you. These three software are all good for me and I decide to write reviews about these three in my next next post. Thanks and Welcome to Affiliates Century Web.

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