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Jun 262011

The List Eruption Wordpress Plugin by Tim Atkinson and Mark Thompson

Today is June 26, 2011 and I have been waiting for the Launch of a software called “List Eruption Wordpress Plugin” that is about to revolutionize email marketing. As I am new in the Internet marketing I haven’t really started any email marketing yet. All I heard from around every corner of the Internet is “the money is on the list.”

Well I have the idea but same as many other people I didn’t know where to start. What I have is a Feedburner subscriber form. But I guess if you are a beginner and don’t know much about technical things then you will agree with me that sometimes it is very confusing and aside from not being teche, we also lack the fund to pay for any monthly fees that goes with email marketing. So being not a technical person is not all the reason why we can’t do what we want to do. Sometimes it is all about finances. In forums we can always ask someone or some experts who are very kind enough to help us solve technical problems.

Check this out => List Eruption Site

So tomorrow June 27, 2011 this software “List Eruption Wordpress Plugin” is going to Launch and so I write a blog on this. You know I’m seldom interested in a product launch but this product seems interesting to me. I heard of the same product before so I’m not sure if this is the same or just improved. I have seen the Video and some of the functions and I believe that this is a win-win situation. You offer your subscribers a good reward for subscribing in your mailing list and referring you to their friends. I think this is profitable for both sides. Tomorrow June 27, 2011 Launch day of this software don’t forget to check this =>> List Eruption Wordpress Plugin

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